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Puja Magazine

We shall continue the tradition of publishing Durga Puja magazine 'Anjali' as part of our Durga Puja celebration.

General Instructions for 'Anjali' contributors:

You are invited to submit your creative expressions to help make this endeavor a success. Please submit your original stories/ poems/ articles/ drawings and/or any other composition for 'Anjali' by the announced deadline. Please encourage your children to contribute. Drawings/ paintings/ writings and/or any other original creative work by children are highly valued.

Please observe the following guidelines to submit your work.

1. Composition should not exceed 1000 words. Longer submissions (up to a maximum of 2000 words) will be accepted at the discretion of the editorial board.

2. Compositions written in Bengali or English are both acceptable. You can compose your Bengali writings with free Avro software.

3. English writings must be sent by MS Word.

4. Paintings and drawings can be done in the common picture format. JPEG image is preferred.

5. All writings and paintings are publishable subject to editorial decisions.

'Anjali-2021' contributions should be sent to: Pradipta Chatterji ( or 1508 Campus Drive, Vestal, NY 13850). All 'Anjali-2021' related queries should be submitted to

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